Blur Reunion: The Movie trailer

As Damon Albarn ruefully crows in the trailer ‘get the band back together one last time’, the summer of 2009 was all about avantgaurd indie-poppers Blur and their long awaited comeback shows at Hyde Park. If you were lucky enough to squeeze in to one of the packed shows, you'll definitely agree.

To commemorate their decision to reform, including AWOL old time guitarist Graham Coxon, Blur are releasing a film of their triumphant comeback. There’s a trailer to boot complete with slow motion band walk, stage dive and smiles all round that demonstrate that it meant more to the Essex lads than it did to their hardcore following - well almost.

Watch the teaser for ‘No Distance Left To Run’ here. It's guaranteed to give you musical goosebumps; either that or it’s frickin’ freezing out there. The feature length is in cinemas January 2010.

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