Cheryl Cole ‘Fight For This Love’

Girls Alouder, X-Factor judge, fashion designer, dancer, full-time Geordie, W.A.G, "FHM's Sexiest Woman In the World 2009", author (according to Wikipedia)...what is there NOT to like about Cheryl Cole? Of course no one mentions the alleged racist incident with a toilet attendant anymore, and why would they when she’s this bleeding gorgeous?

Fight For This Love’ is the first single from Cheryl Cole’s first solo album ‘Three Words’, conveniently timed for release when the X-Factor is in full swing. (Our odds are on her giving a 'look and learn losers' performance on the show before the end of the series...)

The music? Poppy, repetitive, synthy and totally non-boundary breaking, but then frankly, who cares? Not when you can watch the video for free for hours on repeat, repeat, repeat to fade...

Fight For This Love’ is in download stores from the 19th October.

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