Rage against The X-Factor

For the last six years the Christmas No.1 has been a one horse race between The X-Factor winner’s song and...erm, no one else, but thanks to an internet campaign there appears to be a glimmer of hope.

A Facebook group is campaigning for Rage Against The Machines effing and jeffing track ‘Killing In The Name Of’ to be top of the pops this Christmas. Over 45,000 people have joined the group (not many considering last year’s winners song sold 300,000) and are cannily planning on downloading the American metallers song on December 13th - the same day The X-Factor song is officially released.

The X-Factor’s winner’s song 2009 is tipped to be ‘The Climb’ from the movie Hannah Montana, but let's hope this, and not that, is the sound of a Christmas this year.

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