Set The Smiths reunion rumours to max, again

Anyone with half an ounce of sense knows that The Smiths will sadly never reform, but maybe, just maybe it could happen; Johnny Marr has admitted he is in email contact with Morrissey WOOOO HOOOO!!! (We take back that sense comment).

"It's not necessarily the case that we're not talking," said the carrot dangling Marr to the Norwich Evening News. "We have email. We worked on that 'Sound Of The Smiths' [2008 compilation album] together. Who's got time for a feud? I've got no time for a feud."

Before we go mental with excitement, the former Smiths guitarist, who currently pings-the-strings with The Cribs ruled out a reunion BOOOO HOOOO!!! (We feel so stoopid now). "I like The Smiths songs, but I like playing with two guitars and writing new songs. Unfortunately a reunion would go against both those things."

Oh well, we’d like to see those emails anyhow. "......chat soon, best, Mozzer ;) ROFL."

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