Stone Roses and Smiths men team up

With fresh rumours surfacing regularly on t'interweb that the The Smiths and The Stones Roses will reform or not (yawn), the second best thing has happened; ex-Stone Roses singer Ian Brown and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr are going to work together.

"The idea is that Johnny writes the music and I write the words and the melodies," the Stones Roses legend told BBC News, “We've got a mutual friend who's writing a drama series. One of them's about ticket touts, another one's about grafters - kids who sell T-shirts and things like that - and another one's about pickpockets. We're going to get together and do the soundtrack for these dramas. We'd have to bring a in drummer*."

The good news doesn’t end there; Brown added that he hopes to form a supergroup with former Roses bassist Mani. (Er, why stop there? Let’s get Morrissey and John Squire on board too?). Sadly the project won’t see the light of day till Ian Brown finishes promoting and touring his new album ‘My Way’ and Johnny Marr stops playing uncle Marr with The Cribs.

*Dave formerly of Chas & Dave???

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