Thom Yorke hailed as ‘incredible dancer’

Opinion has been divided after the resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet confirmed that he directed Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s dancing in the ‘Lotus Flower’ video and that the entire dance routine was ‘absolutely choreographed’.

According to the the nme, the multi-award winning choreographer Wayne McGregor who offered his services to Yorke upon a request made through their mutual friends, said:'I honestly think he’s an incredible dancer.'

Now, contemporary dance may not be the most accessible artform and it may appear to the untrained eye as if Thom Yorke is flailing his limbs about in an enthused yet random manner. McGregor told Time Out magazine: ‘I've looked at the comments and it's really interesting, the debate that it's caused. Whether it is choreography, whether it's just someone dancing to music – all those things about authenticity of action, they’re all [questions] of authenticity we’re engaged in all the time.’

The ‘Lotus Flower’ video is now available to watch on YouTube. Prepare to be amazed by the world’s favourite miserabilist’s moves. Or, failing that, at least get engaged with some questions of authenticity.

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