When Michael Jackson announced that he was to make a comeback by playing a lengthy residency at London’s O2 Stadium, it was suggested in some quarters that he was only doing it for the money and for fear of bankruptcy. Of course he died just days before the opening night and noone got to see the king of pop perform. But according to news today, the irony is that if it was money he was after, he wouldn't have had to play any of those shows. Of course on the downside he would have to have died.

Billboard magazine have estimated that in the 12 months since the singer’s death he’s raked in a staggering $1billion dollars - that's BILLION dollars (£677m). The breakdown is £259m in album sales and £271m revenue from his concert film ‘This Is It’. With the remainder coming from a new mega £30m record contract, profits from publishing rights, licensing and a further world wide tour.

*grabs crouch OUCH!*.

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