1969 themed charity album unveiled

There’s only thing better than an excellent covers album, and that’s an excellent covers album with an excellent theme. Homeless charity Centrepoint was set-up in 1969 and to help raise money and awareness for the good samaritans, a series of fine musicians have recorded songs that were released in that year. Nice eh?

Artists who lend their talents include The Smiths axe-man Johnny Marr who has teamed up with his new band The Cribs to record a cover of Rabbit Mackay’s ‘Tendency To Be Free’, with this also pencilled in to be the lead single (Release date: 4th Oct). Hard-Fi have a crack at The Stooges’ stomper ‘1969’ and Sam Duckworth’s Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly tackles the mighty ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie.

The album titled '1969 Key To Change' will be downloadable from here with proceeds going to the homeless. Everyone’s a winner.

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