21st Century Breakdown

In a modern world where fame is so fickle it’s easy to have a pop at celebrities. But in a sea of celebrities who can’t shed opinions without Max Clifford telling them what to say via a press release, the ones who have a genuine personality are refreshing.

Lily Allen is one of them. She has never been afraid of honesty and of voicing her views on the burning issue of the day, no matter how controversial. (Remember downloading?) Today she's gone one further and admitted to having three breakdownsthis century’.

‘I'd say I've had three this century, which isn't great. There was one when I was 18 and I went into The Priory rehab clinic. I've had two really low points since then, ‘ the 24 year old to Q magazine.

‘On a personal level, my miscarriage [Ed Simmon from the Chemical Brothers was the father] was a horrible moment. And then there were the several breakdowns that I had. I've got a touch of dysmorphia. I was sitting in bed last night and I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I said, 'God, I'm a funny looking thing'.’

Maybe there's a song in this, call it The Fear. No? Just an idea.

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