3 Lions 2010 - The Squad Ft Robbie Williams & Russell Brand

3 Lions is the best football song ever recorded. We don’t care what you say, even if you liked that Spice Girls one with Ian McCulloch from Echo & Bunnymen, you’re wrong. 3 Lions is the best. Fact!

3 Lions was a precocious first release accompanying England's hosting of Euro ’96 which was well deserved of its glory when the idea of a football song would have had fans laughing into their pint pots. However, thanks to composers and singers Ian Broudie and Baddiel & Skinner it became a monster anthem. Since then the song has been rumoured to be re-released for every international tournament England has ever qualified for, but only given that honour for the World Cup in France in 1998. That is until now.

3 Lions 2010 is in short, rubbish. A half mix of the original with no update in lyrics but instead featuring random vocals from Rusty Rockets himself Russell Brand (yes, we know he’s a big West Ham fan but...) and Robbie Williams (a Port Vale fan but...). There’s also an operatic rendering of the ‘It’s Coming Home’ refrain from soprano Olivia Safe which lends nothing to the spin tingling umpf of the original. If you don’t believe us, listen to it yourself below. 3 Lions 2010 is released today.

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