50 Cent donates Gaddafi money to Unicef

Unless you happen to be a member of the Italian government, or an arms dealer, right now you’re probably best off trying to distance yourself as far as you can from Colonel Gaddafi. The Libyan leader has been a frequent and brutal abuser of human rights, and after his people turned against him, sent planes up to bomb them into submission, claiming they are Al Qaeda agents.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see well hard 50 Cent donating the money that he received from the Gaddafi family to Unicef. Fiddy played a private gig at the Venice Film Festival in 2005, back when he was still big news, and while it’s not known whether he knew the many came from the dictator or not, Beyonce, Usher and Nelly Furtado have given there’s away, so the rapper presumably didn’t want to seem like a meany.

‘In light of the ongoing events in Libya, 50 Cent will be making a donation to Unicef, which is providing vital relief supplies to meet the needs of women and children at risk during this crisis,’ said a statement. We were hoping his actions had been prompted by this Charlie Brooker article.

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