50 million and counting

We're sure there was someone, somewhere who said this ‘internet’ thing would never take off, a flash in the pan, a fad for home-aloners. Well, we hope that person is eating their words yet again today with news that UK sales of digital albums have passed a massive landmark.

In 2006 downloaded albums amassed to only two per cent of overall UK sales but as of today that figure has jumped to a juicy 20 per cent. According to the latest stats and facts from the BPI and Official Charts Company more than 50 million albums in the UK have now been sold via the internet. With their gloating CEO Geoff Taylor summarising; ‘digital albums have proved themselves a hugely successful format. Although digital downloads have boosted the singles market, many music fans want to hear a complete body of work from their favourite artists.’

The biggest selling UK digital albums of all time are;
1. Kings Of Leon 'Only By The Night'
2. Lady Gaga 'The Fame'
3. Florence & The Machine 'Lungs'
4. Lily Allen 'It's Not Me It's You'
5. Mumford & Sons 'Sigh No More'

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