7 NME Award nominations for Oasis

Oasis may have been embarrassingly snubbed from this year’s Brit Awards nominations but thank gawd for the NME Awards. They’ve named the Gallagher’s and co. in no less than 7 categories.

The ageing Brit-rockers notched up Best British Band, Best Live Band and Best Album as well as a couple of surprising noms in the Worst Band category and Best Video category for ‘Shock Of The Lightning’.

Cleverly talking and blowing his trumpet at the same time, Noel Gallagher said;

"Seven nominations, you say? Is that all? I always knew my time would come in the Best Dressed Man In The World category." (Not difficult to look good when you stand next to your vampire’s lampshade best mate Russell Brand though).

Here’s the run down (if you care).

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