A bit of Duff

Duffy has marked the release of her latest album with an entirely batty interview where she spouts lots of different words, in no discernable order, making no sense to anyone - apart from possibly other celebrities such as Mariah Carey and J Lo.

Duffy told Marie Claire, 'I sing for others to enjoy. I have never done this for myself. I am the singer. I don't do singing. This is who I am. I am the voice. This is me. There's no separation. My record is me. The music is me. I don't live for myself. It's so hard to explain.'

Speaking about the inspiration for her songs, Duffy said, 'It's like catching a leaf in the wind...I remember signing a big record deal and being in a cafe by myself, weighing up what it really meant. I hadn't written Mercy at this time. One of the cons was the fact that my life became part of the record. The person you see. I'm clumsy, I talk s***.'

We're saying nothing, love.

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