A Brit of a showoff

The biggest flag in the UK music calendar is almost upon us, and it seems that Coldplay are intent on pulling out all the firecrackers for this year's Brits. The rock fourpiece have pioneered a pyrotechnic set that has left health and safety boffins stroking their beards in concern. Apparently, the explosive performance could blow a hole in the O2 Arena roof.

A source told The Sun, 'It has been a logistical nightmare and for a long time organisers didn't think they'd be able to go ahead with the plans. People have been running around the arena with clipboards for weeks trying to sort it out.'

Coldplay will be performing a track from their latest album Mylo Xyloto. They are up for British Album of the Year (competing against Adele) and Best British Band, which they are odds on to scoop.

Unlike some of their self-consciously 'cooler' industry peers the band aren't playing down the importance of the awards. 'You can be one of those artists that don't really care about them or you can, like us, love it, and we're always so grateful to be included. It's a kind of Olympics for a band. It's nice to win a medal', Chris Martin said last week.

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