A BRIT rubbish

Former Creation Records boss Alan McGee has claimed that the BRIT Awards should be scrapped, saying that he doesn’t agree with the way they are run (he has a point). His solution? Music journalists, who would no doubt select acts that half of the audience would be able to pick out of a police line-up.

‘I saw the BRIT Awards nominations and I mean, God, is it that bad?’ he said in an interview with the Daily Record, before offering his solution. ‘They should get rid of the BRITs. (They should) start again with 20 music journalists who actually care about music getting together, instead of a bunch of self-interested record company people who just vote for their own acts.’

He saved his own special brand of ire for Coldplay’s nomination for ‘Best Album Of The Last 30 Years’ (an arbitrary time to draw the boundaries, clearly designed to stop everyone voting for a Beatles effort) for their dreary ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’. They’ll probably win.

‘Coldplay are a dilution of a dilution of a dilution (he doesn’t say of what). Chris Martin makes me want to eat someone else's earwax rather than listen to his records.’ That’s nice.

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