A changed man

For years he’s been dubbed the wild man of rock, always up for a fight, but yesterday (21 Sept) Liam Gallagher spent his day praising and presenting Radio 1 DJ Annie Nightingale with an award for her 40 years of service at the BBC. Oh, and it was his birthday.

Liam took time out from working on his highly anticipated debut album with new band Beady Eye to pop down to Radio 1 HQ in central London where he described Annie as, ‘...a true icon of British radio’ adding ‘she's been on Radio 1 since before I was born. Good on her for getting this record. I hope she's still here in another 40 years!’

On receiving her surprise gift the very first ever female R1 DJ said, ‘...when I took the wrong record off and caused eight seconds of dead air on my very first Radio 1 show, I thought that was the beginning and end of me. Since then I think it's been a case of keep cool and carry on.’

Congrats Annie and happy 38th our kid.

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