A coincidence

Arcade Fire winning the Album Of The Year award at the Grammys has apparently caused some controversy Stateside, with music industry suit Steve Stoute taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times to protest the decision, and claim it was a fix.

Stoute cites the fact that the band were due to play in the final slot of the show, straight after winning the award as evidence of this, and not much else. He also thinks it’s an outrage that Eminem or that little twerp Justin Bieber didn’t win the honour, presumably because they sold a lot of records; that’s what it’s about after all, isn’t it?

However the band’s manager Scott Rodger has hit back and the greasy exec, saying that it was a total coincidence that that the band ended the show, and that most people wouldn’t have even seen them play anyway.

‘Arcade Fire had the final slot on the Grammys as the ratings are low at the end of the broadcast,’ said Rodger. ‘It really is that simple. We were one of the least-known acts on the bill for a network audience. Don't you think I wanted a better slot for the band? Arcade Fire deserved the win this year. They made the best album.’

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