A Day In The Life of a rich man

The handwritten lyric sheet of The Beatles classic ‘A Day In The Lifehas been sold at auction for a really quite ridiculous price of $1.2million (£810,000) at Sotherby’s in New York. The price is at least double what the admittedly valuable piece of pop music history estimated, with most experts predicting that it would go for around $600,000 (£405,000).

The sheet not only contained the words to the legendary closing song from The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, written in John Lennon’s very own handwriting, the new owner will also have Lennon’s own corrections too look at. That, and the social cache that comes with being able to spend over a million on a piece of paper.

‘The outstanding price achieved for these handwritten lyrics is testament to the iconic status of The Beatles, John Lennon and especially this song,’ said David Redden, the international chairman of Sotheby's Books and Manuscripts Department, no doubt counting all their lovely commission monies.

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