A dream comes true

Who would have funk that Scotch choirgirl Susan Boyle would become one the world’s biggest musical stars? Well thanks to YouTube, she has. Internet retail monsters Amazon have announced that SuBo’s debut album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is the biggest global CD ordered in the history of their website.

'Just eight months ago, no-one was aware of the talents of Susan Boyle. Now, she has generated more Amazon pre-order CD sales globally than any other artist,' said Julian Monaghan from Amazon.

'That is an incredible achievement and is testament to the fact that she has captured the hearts of people all over Britain, America and the rest of the world.'

Here are the official top 5 biggest pre-ordered CDs on Amazon...ever:

1. Susan Boyle, "I Dreamed a Dream” (2009)
2. Mr. Children, "Supermarket Fantasy” (2008)
3. Ken Hirai, "Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection, ‘95-‘05” (2005)
4. Norah Jones, "Not Too Late” (2007)
5. Take That, "Never Forget: The Ultimate Collection” (2008)

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