A Gaga decision

It seems that Lady Gaga can literally do nothing wrong at the moment: not only is she conquering the charts with her every release and dominating the media every time she opens her mouth, she also still seems to carry her huge cult fan base along with her, despite her humungous fame. That’s pretty impressive.

Even so, it’s still something of a surprise that Forbes, which is ostensibly a business magazine, putting the world’s number one pop star at number seven in the list of the world’s most powerful women. Sure, she’s got loads of money and fans, but power? We wouldn’t even agree with putting Michelle Obama at number one (what does she do, other than stand around looking hot and being a nice person, exactly?), either.

Still, given that Angelina Jolie made number 21 and Beyoncé was placed in at a shockingly high number nine, we shouldn’t be that surprised at Gaga’s high placing. And at least genuinely powerful women like Oprah and Hilary Clinton hit the top ten too.

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