A Killer set list

In the modern times we live in, there is, say scaremongers a very real threat of a terrorist attack. It makes sense to be vigilant and have one eye open for a any weird activities on public transport. However, this state of alert went one step too far when guards on a train threw a passenger off because he wrote the name of his favourite band - ‘The Killers’ on a piece of paper.

The suspect was a Mr Tom Shaw and he was merely scribbling down a list of songs that his cover band, The Magic Mushrooms (yes, he’s a probably a student) might perform at their next gig. According to The Independent two members of staff were suspicious of his list and took precaution, ejecting him at the next stop – Fareham.

A Southwest Trains spokesperson said: ‘We employ a team of highly professional rail community officers who work closely with the British Transport Police in protecting the security of passengers on the rail network’.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

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