A lil' bit good

The other week we told you about the Lil’ Wayne documentary (and provided an ace trailer to boot) The Carter, expressing hope that promising write ups and previews would translate into a proper music documentary. Well it looks like that wish is going to come true, or at least if the review from authoritative film blog Slashfilm is anything to go by.

The film gets as close to the inner sanctum of a drug and cough syrup addicted pop star as it’s possible to be, following him around as he realises he’s gone beyond regular hip-hop hero into superstardom, shifting 1,000,000 units in the first week of release of Tha Carter III. According to Slashfilm, ‘The Carter is foremost a fascinating portrait of a remarkable, modern artist and celebrity who has cooked most if not all bridges for comparison,’ which bares comparison with the legendary 1972 Rolling Stones flick Cocksucker Blues for its genuine, honest look at the degenerate life of a huge pop star.

‘A genuine Reaper-shadowed tension surrounds Wayne in the footage that differs from similar, albeit posthumously released, footage of Tupac or Biggie,’ continues the review. ‘Wayne is utterly consumed with the act and idea of racing down a yellow brick road of output. It’s impossible to tell if he’s ever entertained the notion of peaking before age 30.’ We don’t know about you, but for music fans this sounds like the must-see film of the year. By the way, here’s the trailer again.

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