A Lil' bit of luck - AGAIN

Ok, so this is getting silly now. Yesterday we told you how Lil’ Wayne’s sentencing in court has been delayed not one, but twice: first by obviously urgent dental work, then by a fire in the boiler room of the court, which stopped his sentencing on Tuesday. However, we reassured any people terrified of the thought of this career criminal being let off to roam free that he was going to be banged up yesterday.

But no. Amazingly it appears that Weezy has managed to escape the metal bars and the cold concrete floors of punitive justice a third time, on this occasion due to the court remaining closed after the fire. Wayne celebrated Tuesday’s postponement with a surprise cameo appearance at Jay-Z’s Madison Square Garden gig, which as parties go has to be up there.

He is now due to be sentenced on Monday, although the way things are going he’ll probably be given a presidential pardon rather than serve the year behind bars he was supposed to for gun possession.

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