A Royal number one -Download it now!

In what can only be described as one of the tackiest moves of all time, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lavish royal wedding will be recorded and then rush-released as an album so that fans of the royal couple will be able to download it on the says day.

The recording, which will be called The Royal Wedding: The Official Album and will be a guaranteed worldwide number one, will be available immediately after the nuptials on 29 April, allowing you to relive it all over and over and over again. Of course it won’t only be the soundtrack of the privileged getting hitched live on national telly, but also some glorious music from The Royal Chapel Choir, London Chamber Orchestra and Fanfare Team From The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force.

‘We're expecting huge demand for what will prove a collectible recording and piece of royal memorabilia,’ said HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo. ‘I think we could well be looking at the first ever No1 royal album.

‘And if enough people start to download their favourite parts of the service X Factor-style, then you could even have a situation where the royal couple find themselves on the top of the singles charts as well.’

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