A Stroke of Genius

Well, as far as pairings go this one is probably the most unexpected. After spending an evening in the company of brain box Stephen Fry, New York hipsters The Strokes have had their minds blown!

The meet-up happened last night in a hotel bar in Australia after Stephen Fry gave a talk at the Sydney Opera House. The Strokes have also been touring down under, and bumped into Mr Fry later on in the evening. Lead singer Julian, of course took to Twitter: ‘our minds were effin' blown; we're at the hotel bar if you're of a mind to accidentally spill some vodka.’

Stephen Fry, a keen Twitterer himself was a little cooler than the coolest band on the planet, simply saying: ‘what an unbelievably lovely, gorgeous, adorable, heavenly audience. Thank you so much to everyone xxxx.’

Guest cameo on the new Strokes album anyone?

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