A to B

The say 'never meet your idols, you'll only be disappointed', but for platinum-selling soulful songstress Adele, meeting Beyoncé was a dream come true, despite Beyoncé choosing some interesting phrases to use to express how much she admired the best-selling artist from East London.

Recalling how she was introduced to the 'Rule the World' bootylicious singer back in 2010 at the Sony Grammy Awards, Adele, whose current album '21' has maintained a number one position for an outstanding number of weeks in the UK and America, claimed she was 'winded' with amazement, Music News tells us.

'Beyonce then told Adele: 'When I listen to you, I feel like I'm listening to God.' Adele added to Q magazine: 'I heard it but I was like, 'Don't let her know you've heard it.''

''I ran out on the balcony and fell into her security's arms, going,'She's so nice!' And literally collapsed. Sobbing my heart out, it was like being winded. Highlight of my life, ever.''

No airs and graces for Adele: she tells it like it is, from a true fan's point of view.

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