A very Yellow weekend

Whisper it - Glastonbury 2011 is starting to look a bit rubbish.

Rumour had it that the Rolling Stones were set to play, but apparently they've turned down a 'massive offer' from the organisers. Instead, the Saturday night Pyramid Stage headliners will be... Coldplay.

Yes, they're a good band, but ugh, it's a bit safe isn't it? We'd hoped that after Gorillaz' surprisingly successful turn last year, standing in at the last minute for U2, the organisers would be taking a few more risks with their headliner choices. The 'Yellow' whingers have headlined the Pyramid Stage twice already, though, so at least they'll know their way around.

Speaking of U2, Eavis has asked them to play again, after Bono dropped out with a bad back last year. Apparently he's yet to hear back, but the band might be annoyed at being demoted from Saturday to Friday.

U2 and Coldplay, bloomin' eck. More Radio 2 than Radio 1, eh? Still, this'll be the 41st Glastonbury - we guess it's fair enough if its tastes are getting a bit middle-aged...

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