A Victory for pubs

The High Court has ruled that the charges pubs had to pay to Phonographic Performance Limited were unfair, meaning that Britain's boozers will be looking at a collective refund of £20million. Several organisations – including the British Beer and Pub Association and the British Hospitality Association – argued that the charges that were introduced in 2005 were unfair and took their case to the tribunal, where they secured a huge win for their industry. As well as the refund, pubs will have to pay less than they have for the past four years, which many hope will keep pubs afloat.

‘This could not come at a more important time for our sector as we struggle to come out of recession and will allow pubs to both claim a refund and pay less going forward,’ said BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmons. ‘With so much at stake, our persistence in pursuing this case has paid off. With the appeal behind us, and pubs already benefiting from the sharply reduced charges, we are now turning our attention to helping pubs to claim the long overdue refunds to which they are entitled.

‘This leaves Phonographic Performance Limited with tariffs that it believes substantially undervalue the rights of its performer and record company members,’ said a spokesperson for the Phonographic Performance Limited.

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