A vintage year at Glastonbury

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As the sun finally set on the Glastonbury festival, Michael Eavis hailed this year’s epic innings as ‘the best festival we’ve ever done’. The 77 year old founder, curator and spirit of the festival announced that he was ‘absolutely thrilled’ Having declared the Rolling Stones to have been his favourite headliners ever, he waxed lyrical.

"It's the best thing. It has to be doesn't it? Forty-three years of me; 50 years of them and we've finally come together. We're on the same page at last. Isn't that brilliant? The whole razzamatazz and the whole occasion of us two finally getting together at long last. I had to prove myself to them," he said. "But the Stones wanted to be here. That was the point. We've always wanted them."

As Prince Harry put in a cameo appearance backstage at the John Peel Stage and temperatures rocketed, one festival goer, Ged Carter summed up the weekend in style.

“I'm sunburnt, wrecked and got a pink dress on. I f***ing love Glastonbury”

Away from the headline stages, the genuine eccentricity and eclecticism that makes the festival so special was in full swing. With the sheer scale and breadth running from Bruce Forsyth’s music hall turn to Arcadia’s spellbinding spider – from Brian Cox debating inscrutable physics with a twinkle to the cityscape of Block 9 – from acoustic paganism to electronic euphorics – the sun ensured that this would go down as a classic year.

And a festival that began with rapper Wiley throwing his toys out of the pram and criticising the festival every 2 seconds on Twitter with comments that sounded like a 9 year old diva having a meltdown came symbolically full circle. Stornaway, who played a Sunday afternoon set on the Other Stage did a bluegrass cover of Wiley's biggest hit, Wearing My Rolex, changing the chorus to Wearing My Casio. "We thought he might need the royalties," said lead singer Brian Briggs. Brilliant.

Many of the mooted surprise appearances never materialised, but ultimately who cares – Glastonbury is way greater than the sum of its parts and as the rumours went out about Led Zepplin next year, weary revellers packed up their tents, the crews began packing down the stages and the cows looked forward to their imminent return. We'll raise a warm beer to that

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