A warm cup of Koko

Red Snapper are ace, that much is undeniable, and joined by The Bays at Koko had all the promise of a serious night on the tiles. Unfortunately for everyone who forked out for it, the night was a tiny bit disappointing.

Red Snapper and The Bays alike, rely on big, HUGE sound. Red Snapper are a live drum and bass outfit complete with double bassist, amazing drums and some pretty tight vocals. The Bays, famed for their refusal to record tracks, only ever play live, and they rinsed two ceaseless hours of improvised and techy tunes.

All this has the potential for a great night, but it wasn’t. Koko is a great party venue, but for anyone seriously into their music, the acoustics suck. It’s pretty difficult to make a band like The Bays sound tinny, but the roundness of Koko can’t buffer the bass and although a good time was had by all, collective ears were a little bit disappointed.

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