A White shame

A rare and costly guitar worth £15,000 has been stolen from a studio in East London.

The instrument, a Fender Stratocaster, was being stored in a design studio by owner Paul Biver, while he built a case for it.

The BBC reports that the instrument was thieved from Sara Lane Court in Hoxton on January 23. Set designer Biver explained: ‘A friend of mine collects rock memorabilia and had asked me to help transform his barge but then ran out of money, so I asked if I could have the guitar as payment.

’That was three years ago so obviously it has just increased in value since then.

’I don't normally store it in my design studio but was making a case for it so was gutted when I realised it had been taken.’

Of course if you know anything about the guitar - if you've had any convos with dodgy guitar-flogging geezers in the pub - the police would be grateful for the information, seeing as though they have no leads(boom boom - guitar leads, geddit?). Detective Constable Suzanne Raftery said: ‘I am appealing to members of the public to come forward if anybody has tried to sell them this rare autographed Jack White guitar.’

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