ABBA dabba don’t!

Have you ever wondered why the unbreakable pop of ABBA’s classic ‘Mamma Mia’ has never been used to glorify the ethos of political right wing parties? No? Just us then. Anyway, there’s a good reason for that, the Swedes don’t want to be associated with them.

There is a far-right political arty in Denmark called the Danish People’s Party (DDP for short) who have been using the ABBA’s poptastic ‘Mamma Mia’ in their meetings. However, they don’t have permission - so the famous Swedes have vented their anger at the breach of copyright.

‘It came to our knowledge that the Danish People's Party had used in some way the song 'Mamma Mia', and Abba does not allow their music to be used in any political context at all’ said Olle Roennbaeck, the head of film & television at Universal Music publishing.

YEAH! SO THERE! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! No, hang on, that’s a John Lennon song, we need the written permission from Yoko Ono to quote that.

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