Abbey Road Studios For Sale

It’s been well publicised that the record industry has suffered major financial losses for the last 10 year (curse you internet) and none more so than record company EMI. Although the label giant has an impressive roster of money-making artists such as The Beatles and Robbie Williams it has struggled to stay afloat and has gone through various restructurings; laying off staff and a takeover from venture capitalists Terra Firma. But there still appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel after the recent news that the legendary Abbey Road studios has been put up for sale.

The iconic studio in St. Johns Wood, north London was famously used by The Beatles throughout their career and immortalised on their 1969 album ‘Abbey Road’ is steeped in musical history and has seen the likes of Pink Floyd, Oasis, Radiohead, Coldplay and a whole heap of others leg-ends record there. Even the theme to Stars Wars was done there, but according to the Financial Times to help reduce debts EMI are selling up.

Abbey Road is expected to sell for up to £50 million...if you were interested.

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