Absolutely fabulous?

Absolute Radio has said that it could take over 6 Music from the BBC, save it from closure and ‘run it more efficiently’. Yesterday news was leaked that the BBC planned to chop the station (alongside the Asian Network and vast swathes of their online content), which has caused fans to get so angry they formed Facebook groups about it and everything. Grrrrr.

Since then Clive Dickens, chief operating officer for Absolute has said that they could get the station running commercially, before gutting it, removing everything that was good about it and making the DJs play the same 15 songs over and over and over again, turning it into the same station as about 100 others. Capitalism, eh?

‘We would buy 6 Music from the BBC, both the brand and the network, and we'd run it more efficiently than they've been doing. The passion that we're seeing from listeners shows there's nothing wrong with the station, it's just been overfunded.

‘It would stand a better chance of succeeding if it was run commercially. It could be a complementary service that could be run alongside our own stations. It wouldn't generate a lot of cash but it would serve a lot of fans who don't want to be disenfranchised.’

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