Adam Green makes ‘ketamine-fuelled’ surreal adventure film

You may know him as one half of the lo-fo indie duo The Moldy Peaches, or else you may know him for his more recent solo material, but now New York indie hipster Adam Green is trying his hand at filmmaking.

According to the nme, the 70-minute film called ‘The Wrong Ferarri’, tagged ‘A Screwball Tragedy by Adam Green’ was shot entirely on his iPhone; the bizarre experiment follows Green and his band ‘as they head off on a surreal adventure which sees them transported into a Super Mario game in an avant garde fantasy, apparently fuelled by ketamine.’

Not only has Green managed to recruit the former Home Alone star to appear in his film, but the film also features cameos from a whole host of famous rockstars, including Pete Doherty, Dev Hynes, Jeffrey Lewis, Devendra Banhart, Sky Ferreira, Evan Dando and Har Mar Superstar.

The cmu website reports Green as saying that, unsurprisingly, the film is ‘without commercial motive’ but that it is ‘a really personal movie… about turning 30 and entering into the next phase of life. I’m preparing for turning 30 so when I actually do it won’t freak me out.’That explains it then.

You can watch the film, and catch a glimpse of Green’s member to boot, at thewrongferarri.com

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