Adam Lambert has slept with male Hollywood stars who remain in the closet

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Former American Idol singer Adam Lambert has revealed that he has slept with a number of Hollywood men who are secretly gay. Lambert, who is openly gay, told Glamour magazine that he has been with "a few" celebrities who are in the closet and afraid of revealing their true selves.

The 33 year old speculated on why so many men in Hollywood and also in the music industry are unable to be open about their sexuality. He reasoned "Whether it’s music or acting, you’ve got to remember that those industries are primarily run by men, so maybe it’s about that. But with women being the primary moviegoers and record-buyers, surely it shouldn’t matter so much?"

Lambert has a hard time understanding people remaining in the closet and he has been openly gay ever since breaking on the scene on American Idol back in 2009. In an interview back in 2012 he said "I still long for the LGBT community's diversity to be more broadly represented in the entertainment industry. I think larger strides have been made in film and TV but we still are just at the beginning with mainstream music. I consider myself a post-gay man working in a pre-gay industry."

Despite his revelations, Lambert gives absolutely zero hints as to who he may have been with so we'll just have to keep on guessing in that regard. He also revealed that he has slept with women and finds them "beautiful". He opened up saying "I always notice when girls smell really good. I have slept with a woman before. I did it for the first time when I was 29. It was a random thing but I was very curious. It felt great."

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