Adapt to survive

Musicians need to come to terms with the full power and scope of the internet, is the message from rising star CocknBullKid.

The outspoken singer, whose real name is Anita Blay [cool name], told WOTYOUGOT that that depsite the existence of illegal filesharing and downloading, the internet’s more good than bad for musicians.

She said: ‘You've got to try and move with the times and adapt to the situation that we have now. Overall I think the internet is a good thing and social media is a good thing. Prior to things like MySpace, the way a musician would get heard was things like being that one lucky person that the A&R spotted waitressing - that never happens.’

She continued: ‘More realistically you'd send your demo in an envelope to an A&R who's got 150,000 other demos to listen to and will probably never get round to listening to yours.’

When questioned about if she had ever indulged in the heinous practice of downloading music illegally herself, CocknBullKid added: ‘I think we've all done it from time to time - I'm not going to pretend that I haven't.

‘But I don't do it now - I'd rather give my money to [artists]. If you're an upcoming artist, it's very difficult for your first album to break even. Breaking even is now seen as the platinum of the '10s.’

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