Adele 'Flabbergasted' by MTV VMA nomination

It looks like 2011 is going to continue to be Adele's year: not only has she smashed chart records on both sides of the Atlantic, she now starting to pick up awards nominations, which she will soon be picking up by the bucket load.

Her latest nomination is for 'Video of the Year' for 'Rolling in the Deep' at the MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place in Los Angeles on 28 August. The nom comes hot on the heels of her being put on the shortlist for the Mercury Prize, and it won't be the last gong she'll be fighting for this year.

'Flabbergasted about the VMA nominations!!' she screamed on Twitter. 'I'm thinking about releasing a range of chairs to celebrate!

'Thank you thank you MTV! I can't wait to see everyone's performances, if they're anything like the last couple years it's gonna be so exciting. Huge props to Sam Brown the director of 'Rolling in the Deep'!'

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