Adele just wants to be happy

Soul sensation Adele has said that one day she might crack a smile on record, and make a cheery pop song, instead of the catchy-but-maudlin hits she’s writing now.

Tottenham’s hottest spur has kicked 2011 off with a bang, topping the UK and US album charts with her second album ‘21’ (she’s been at the top spot over here for seven weeks now), and has also had a number one single with ‘Rolling In The Deep’. However, the songbird has revealed that she’s knocking the booze on the head to protect her voice and to give herself a new angle on her songwriting.

‘I write songs when the curtains are closed and I'm on my fifth bottle of red wine or something like that,’ she said. ‘But as I keep evolving as a songwriter, I hope I will learn to articulate my happiness and channel it.

‘Sometimes I don't know what possesses me to do it because albums are like photographs, they're forever. Maybe it's a good thing I'll be able to look back at my records and see how I've grown as a person. And when I'm old and have kids and grandkids and they're going through their angsty teenage stage I was going through at 19, I can be like, 'Listen to that. That's what grandma was doing when she was 19'.’

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