Adele lined up to play Dusty Springfield in biopic

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The next stage in Adele's record-breaking music career may be the acting role. The singer is being lined up to play 60s icon Dusty Springfield in a planned biopic. It would be a first big screen role for Adele, who recently became a mum.

An insider told the Star: "Adele is attached to a project, but it’s in the early stages of development." The idea for a Dusty biopic has been floating around for years. A variety of unlikely names have been linked with the role, including Nicole Kidman and Duffy. According to the Star the producers opted for Adele because of a "striking" resemblance to the late chanteuse. Which may be true if by "striking" they mean "minimal".

The idea looks interesting though, focusing on the singer's late 60s career when she was working in Memphis for her 1969 breakthrough album. Writer David Stenn, one of the writing team for the HBO drama Boardwalk Empire, will be providing the script.

Adele already has an Oscar for her Skyfall theme song. Whether she has the necessary acting talent to carry off a central role must be subject to considerable doubt. She had a cameo role as herself in the TV sitcom Ugly Betty, and the results were pretty ugly.

"I was such a mug on that show," she admitted. "I wasn’t meant to say anything because you have to have an act­or’s visa in America. I was meant to mime my song but I turned up and they gave me a script and I had to speak as part of the storyline. Because I was in America, I put on a fake English accent. Everyone I know was taking the piss out of me." Like many of Adele's comments, that explanation is baffling and raises more questions than it answers. A fake English accent?

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