Adele: ’Sara Palin made me what I am’

British ‘new soul’ singer Adele has revealed that she believes Sarah Palin played a big part in her success Stateside.

The Chasing Pavement’s singer’s debut album 19 reached number ten in the American charts. She believes her fanbase in the country was bolstered by her appearance alongside the Alaskan senator and former Vice Presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live.

‘Sarah Palin made my career by coming on that show,’ she said in an interview with Attitude.

‘I saw the back of Sarah Palin, and I thought it was Tina Fey, and I f**king love Tina Fey, and I was like, 'Tina, Tina'. She didn't even acknowledge me, she was just completely oblivious.

‘Then Sarah Palin asked to come and meet me, and my guys were in the room, saying, 'If she comes in, I'm leaving'. She cornered me and said hello. And I had a massive Obama badge on my t*t.’

Asked if she thought Palin was fishing for her endorsement, the canny singer played it safe: ‘Obviously I've made a few comments here and there in the past, but I don't think musicians should be talking much about politics.’

Yep, you musicians stick to what you know best.

Adele’s a busy woman at the moment. Her new album 'Rolling In The Deep' comes out on Monday.

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