Adele the hottest ticket in 2011

Health problems aside, Adele had a fantastic 2011. Ticket sales figures show that she was the UK's most popular live act, well ahead of Rihanna and some elderly chap called Sir Paul McCartney.

It has been 12 months of sustained success for the singer, whose album 21 was released in January. Since then it has sold more than 3.4 million copies in the UK alone, become the best-selling album of the century and been the unobtrusive soundtrack to innumerable dinner-parties.

She has enjoyed number one albums and singles around the world, picked up three American Music Awards in November, and forced the compilers of the record books to update their statistics on a monthly basis.

The only downside to a year of phenomenal sales and career landmarks was the vocal cord haemorrhage she sustained in October. She underwent microsurgery, and was advised to take a complete rest or risk damaging her voice irreparably. After 19 and 21, it's not inconceivable that her next album might be 24 or even 25, although her record company will be keen to maintain her present momentum.

The USA has hugged Adele to its collective bosom too. She has been nominated in six categories, including best song and best album, for the Grammy awards, presented in February 2012. The singer will be on the cover of the March 2012 cover of Vogue, a rare example of a Vogue cover featuring a woman who does not conform to the fashion industry's fixation with slender waifs.

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