Adele wants to collaborate with Mumford And Sons

Now, while a lot of people are getting a bit sick of Adele being absolutely everywhere, all the bleeding time, we still kind of like her. Yes, so she's a bit middle of the road, but she makes nice pop music and knows how to sing. Plus, she's a pwopah Lahndahner, and frankly that always goes down well in our book.

However, the thought of her collaborating with Mumford And Sons is enough to make us revise our opinion: she'll only be pushing past MOR and straight into the realms of out-and-out drab. Therefore, please don't make it happen.

'In terms of singing on a track alongside someone, I'd love to collaborate with Mumford and Sons because Marcus Mumford's voice goes straight through me,' she said. 'It reminds me of the first time that I heard Etta James and how that made me feel.

'My vocal therapist is amazing – she looks like a Brazilian Shirley Bassey – but she's given me all of these new exercises. Now I have to sing my songs through a straw to get my diaphragm going. I have to do all of these facial movements to get my face going and it makes me look butt ugly because my whole face vibrates. But the worst thing is that I've got this massive thing that looks like a sex toy and I've got to stick it into a bottle of water and blow. It's awful.'

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