Ain’t that a shame

Kate Bush has said that she has ‘no plans whatsoever’ to play live again, putting the kibosh on rumours of her imminent return to live performance.

In conversation with BBC 6 Music, the singer said that she feels ‘too engrossed’ with writing the material for her new album to go on tour.

‘I haven't got any plans to do any live shows whatsoever. I'm very much engrossed in trying to making new material,' she explained, before adding without a trace of false modesty, ‘I'm extremely flattered that people are interested.’

Considering she’s only hit the road once in her career, back in 1979, it would hardly be news if it wasn’t for some broad hints last month that the artist wanted to play some shows before she became ‘too ancient.’

With a new album of brand new material in the pipeline and the release earlier this month of an album of reworked material, Excite Music thinks it won’t be long before she graces the stage once again.

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