Alex James inspires McFury

Alex James appears to be consolidating his position on the right wing of the Blur party. While Damon Albarn continues his innovative and multicultural musical projects, James seems at his happiest writing provocative pieces for The Sun.

His latest escapade, designed to get up the nose of the more right-on Blur fans, is a column in support of McDonald’s burgers. "My day with McDonald's didn't put me off eating there at all," he wrote in his weekly food column. "I was dazzled by the whole process from farm to factory to burger."

As James must have been hoping, the Twittersphere reacted with scorn, accusing James of selling out and offering free advertising to fast food chains. One Twitter user, Richard James, called James "the indie Jeremy Clarkson".

It’s an appropriate comparison, as James enjoys his life in the Cotswolds rubbing shoulders with Clarkson and famous Smiths fan David Cameron. James appears keen to become part of the landed gentry, after a hedonistic career with Blur in which he boasted of spending around a million pounds on cocaine and champagne.

He has attempted to reinvent himself as an artisan cheese-maker. He won prizes for his goat’s cheese, but since he branched out into supermarket lines, gourmets have been disdainful about products that include curry, ketchup and chilli cheeses.

The rumoured Blur reunion and tour can’t come soon enough to keep James out of mischief. Albarn predicted all this more than a decade ago with the sarcastic Blur song Country House, or perhaps the equally pertinent Charmless Man.

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