Alex James quits Blur!

I think we all agree we’d love to be Alex James; full head of glorious locks, his own farm, his own range of pungent cheeses oh, and he’s the bass player in Blur. See? Who wouldn’t want to be Alex James? Well, Alex James, that’s who.

Talking candidly to The Sun, the bass slapper has admitted that he never wanted to be a rock star and always wanted to be a footballer instead; ‘no rock star has ever grown up in Bournemouth. My dad had shown me how to play blues on the piano but I just wanted to be a footballer like all the other boys. I had no formal music training and wasn't involved in a music scene. I liked pop and that wasn't cool.’

He now famously devotes his time as a family man-come-cheese-maker, talking about that change of direction he added; ‘my wife Claire and I came to the Cotswoldswhen we were dating and I thought, 'Wow! This is what I want. Can we do it? Yes! But it was a huge leap of faith. We got married at exactly the same time as Blur disintegrated. It was like Rock Family Robinson. I had no job, a woman I didn't really know and here I was on a farm in the middle of nowhere.’

Don't you just hate Alex James?

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