Alex James wants to join Johnny Marr's band

Alex James of Blur is looking around for new projects now that his band’s future is uncertain. He talked about his desire to join a supergroup with former Chic man Nile Rodgers and former Smith Johnny Marr. Marr and Rodgers jammed onstage at a recent show in Manchester.

James has been spending most of his time as a gentleman of leisure in his Cotswold country house, making cheese and organising gourmet festivals. He isn’t ready to give up on his musical career altogether though. "Although I hadn't done it for a while, I know what to do in Blur," he told The Daily Star, referring to the band’s recent Hyde Park gig. "Playing the bass in a rock 'n' roll band is a straight-forward activity – you just have to stand still."

Blur have not come to a definitive end, although Damon Albarn’s comments on the group have been ambiguous and guitarist Graham Coxon has admitted that there are no plans to make any more records.

James is looking for an attractive gig as a sideman. "I'd like to do something next year. I'm no frontman, so a solo album wouldn't work. I'm picky and it's a big commitment to make music properly. More than anyone else, I'd like to play with that new band of Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr – that's what I call a f**king supergroup."

Whether that is likely to happen depends on how tolerant Marr is feeling. Marr was famously contemptuous of Prime Minister David Cameron last year, while James is on much friendlier terms with the politician, who is a neighbour of his in Oxfordshire.

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