Alex Turner is finished with 'chip shop rock 'n' roll'

Some fans of Arctic Monkeys pine for the days when the band were their own little indie unknowns, singing songs about being in Sheffield and stuff; things were much simpler back then. Well now it looks as though your wishes will never be granted, as Alex Turner has said he's done with 'chip shop rock 'n' roll'. Unlucky.

Turner, who has been mining a seam of American rock for a few years now, has said that he's got the classic rock problem: once you leave your surroundings, what do you write about? Certainly not being on tour, that's for sure.

'I don't really (write while touring) anymore,' he told Absolute Radio. 'You know, we come up with a few little ideas and some sound checks and that, but I've kind of wrote too many terrible lyrics touring round so I decided to stop.

'It's hard to do the old chip shop rock and roll; once you've done that once then you don't want to hang around that many chippies any more. I think that's natural. I couldn't ever write about my surroundings in the same way that I did back then, because if I did that now, what would them songs be about?'

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