Alice Cooper’s Freak Show

Are you a freak show? Or more precisely, are you in a freak show? Then Alice Cooper is waiting to hear from you.

The king of eye-liner has announced two special gigs on the 31st October and 1st September at the Roundhouse in London. To give the Halloween shows an extra scare-factor he is looking for some ‘sideshow & freak acts’ to be added to the night’s mayhem. So, if you're a lady with a beard, a blind unicycling juggler or you’re Katie Price, then head over to AliceCooper.com/ to submit a video of your freaky act. Alice himself will select his favourites to join him on the nights.

If you’d just prefer to have a laugh at some freaks then you can purchase tickets for the show on 13th August at 9am from 0871 230 1094.

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